DANCERS AGAINST                   VIOLENCE

A virtual performance benefitting L.I. Against Domestic Violence in honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.

On February 25th at 7pm, Join L.I. Against Domestic Violence and the SLG Dance Company in a Facebook live streamed event in honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Since the pandemic cancelled SLG's annual show, they teamed up to create a virtual one. The event includes guest speaker, Suffolk County Sheriff Dr. Errol D. Toulon Jr, L.I. Against Domestic Violence and five routines performed by the SLG Dance Company.

The dances featured in the debut performance, each shining a light on the emotional and physical toll domestic abuse and teen dating violence takes, are powerful, intricate, and passionate.  They are more than just steps choreographed to music. They are works of art created to teach, enlighten, and evoke an emotional response in the viewers and the performers. For the members of SLG Dance Company, their participation awards them not just opportunities to dance and continue to do something they love, but to do it with purpose. They are not leaping and pirouetting for applause but to start a discussion, tell a story, or bring an uncomfortable issue to the forefront.